Those Who Lead, Teach

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” As an educator myself, that adage has always rubbed me the wrong way. I am of the belief you can’t truly master a skill until you are able to teach another. In my elementary classroom, “Learn It, Do It, Teach It” […]

Continuous Education for Small Businesses in Government Contracting

I try to live by the saying, “Learn Something New Everyday.” In the world of Business Development, Capture and Proposals for the Federal Market, we often feel overwhelmed with our to-do list. For example, if we are in a supervisory position responsible for Profit & Loss (P & L), we may find our time is […]

Collaborating Vertically is the Key to Success

Prior to joining the Agility team, I taught 3rd and 4th grades for 10 years. Each fall, a new group of youngsters would enter my classroom and we hit the ground running. I only had 180 school days to prepare my students to enter the next grade level, so we didn’t waste a second. No […]

Proposal Writing Guidelines from an Industry Perspective

In my last blog I provided insight from a Government’s perspective about common mistakes evaluators see in proposals. After posting the blog in a LinkedIn group, we received the following comment from a Government Contracting professional: “So many contractors merely parrot what the RFP says and don’t say how they will do it or whether […]

Small Business Marketing Thoughts for 2015

As I have written in the past, a lot of great ideas and articles come from the U.S. Small Business Administration. Many of the companies we assist and support are in the Small Business category and of various Socio Economic Categories. I have learned to appreciate the trials and tribulations of Small Business experiences since […]

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

We wish you and yours a happy, healthy, and joyful holiday season.  May the miracle of Christmas fill your heart with love and peace.  We hope you have a wonderful new year full of blessings!

Common Proposal Mistakes from the Government’s Perspective

Do a quick Internet search on “common federal government proposal mistakes” and you will receive links to many articles providing lists of common mistakes in writing Government proposals and how best to avoid them. The authors of these articles no doubt have scar tissue from lessons learned and are passing their wisdom on to a […]

Competency-Based Learning

Often times I hear people say students aren’t prepared to enter the workforce after graduation. This is hard to believe considering the amount of money spent on college educations and graduate school programs. In a recent article titled, “Another Business Skill Gap Filler: Competency-Based Learning,” Kate Everson states, “more companies and colleges are teaming up […]

Happy Thanksgiving from Agility

We hope you and your loved ones have a fantastic holiday. We ask when giving thanks that you remember the tens of thousands of Americans who remain in harms way and are away from their families this holiday season. We are thankful for their service; without them we would not have many of the blessings […]

Should You Worry About Your Competition on Government Proposals?

If you have been following our company and reading our blogs, you know we support company’s in the Federal sector and with corporate strategic initiatives. As we go about working with Capture and Proposal Development teams, so often we see folks spend countless hours analyzing their competition on an upcoming solicitation. Capture Managers spend lots […]