Monthly Archives: September 2014

Take Time to Learn

How often do you find yourself saying, “If only there were more hours in the day”? Are you constantly adding to your to-do list, but rarely crossing items off the list? Are you spending all your time head-down in delivery mode? It can be quite frustrating being a hamster on a wheel—you’re strenuously working, but […]

Value in Networking

Communication and collaboration with professionals outside your organization is both productive and advantageous. As a former elementary school teacher I benefited greatly from networking with other educators state & county-wide. My school-centered team provided a great deal of support on a daily basis. However, we were sometimes prisoners to our routines, procedures, and habits causing […]

Maximize Your Chance of Success in DoD Contracting by Understanding the Evaluation Process

It is no secret the landscape for Department of Defense contracts is becoming more competitive every day due to increasing pressure on the DoD Budget, delays in the contracting processes, changes in contracting laws, and an inexperienced procurement workforce. To succeed in this environment, companies must maximize capture and proposal efforts with efficiency, focus, and […]

Thoughts on Use of Executive Summaries

As we go about our business of working with clients on Government Proposal preparation and reviews, we are often faced with the question, “What really matters in our Executive Summary?” For me, this is an excellent question. I have personally been involved with many proposals from an Industry point-of-view and my Agility co-workers from a […]