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Have you ever noticed how skilled children are at negotiation? Some of my hardest and most draining negotiation experiences were when one of my kids really wanted something. They were never in a position of strength in any of our negotiations but yet their persistence, creativity, and logical approach almost always paid off in the […]

Why Transition Plans Matter

If your team has developed and submitted proposals for more than three service contracts then chances are likely you had to develop a transition plan as part of one or more of these efforts. In the course of our support to companies pursing Government contracts, particularly in the Army, we frequently see transition plans are […]

Less is More

Distractions are all around us. Seems now, more then ever, our attention is pulled in a hundred different directions every single minute. There are emails to write and answer, texts to send, phone calls to make, and let’s also not forget the distractions of social media. Whether you’re browsing multiple news feeds, posting, liking, sharing, […]

Teaming for Success on Government Contracts

Small businesses we support often struggle with building a good, solid team for an upcoming solicitation. This often generates good professional dialogue and more times than not, a bit of angst with the Capture Managers and Company leadership. Often times, it can become a major science project when it should really be a lot easier […]