Small Business Marketing Thoughts for 2015

As I have written in the past, a lot of great ideas and articles come from the U.S. Small Business Administration. Many of the companies we assist and support are in the Small Business category and of various Socio Economic Categories. I have learned to appreciate the trials and tribulations of Small Business experiences since coming to work at Agility Development Group. On the other hand, our team has enjoyed the successes of many of them as well for they understand the importance of what it really means to market their organization.

As part of my own personal professional education, I take time each morning for professional reading.  I try to practice “Learn Something New Each Day.”  I read a great article written by Rieva Lesonsky, a guest blogger for the U.S. Small Business Administration. Rieva has been covering Small Business issues for over 30 years and has great insight and lessons to share. For this week’s blog, I thought I would share her insight. The article seems to be geared to Small Businesses in the Commercial Sector but can be easily applied in the Federal Market. This topic ties in nicely with a blog I wrote in June 2014 on Effective Call Plans for that is really a marketing tool as well. The link to the article is:

Another great source for Small Businesses is the Department of Defense Office of Small Businesses Programs. You can find a wealth of information and material there to give your organization insight in dealing in the Federal Market. It provides a source for reference materials, guides, training resources, as well as professional counseling available to DoD Small Business Professionals. The link to the main page is:  Their link for marketing thoughts for Small Businesses is:

Take time at the end of each month, each quarter, and each year to review your marketing results and plan for how you’ll modify your marketing accordingly.

Agility Development Group is a collaborative, learning-focused organization. Our team applies what we call a ‘vested interests’ approach to build relationships and deliver services to our partners. We believe by committing to help our partners learn, we are helping set the foundation for the long-term success of both the individuals and the companies we work with. We offer training and seminars on this and if you are interested visit our website at for more information or contact one of our team members.

Let us know how we can help you succeed!

-Dave Mock