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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

We wish you and yours a happy, healthy, and joyful holiday season.  May the miracle of Christmas fill your heart with love and peace.  We hope you have a wonderful new year full of blessings!

Common Proposal Mistakes from the Government’s Perspective

Do a quick Internet search on “common federal government proposal mistakes” and you will receive links to many articles providing lists of common mistakes in writing Government proposals and how best to avoid them. The authors of these articles no doubt have scar tissue from lessons learned and are passing their wisdom on to a […]

Competency-Based Learning

Often times I hear people say students aren’t prepared to enter the workforce after graduation. This is hard to believe considering the amount of money spent on college educations and graduate school programs. In a recent article titled, “Another Business Skill Gap Filler: Competency-Based Learning,” Kate Everson states, “more companies and colleges are teaming up […]