Monthly Archives: April 2014

Is Your Company a Learning Organization?

You provide professional development for your staff, supply your employees with up-to-date information and materials, and hold weekly business development meetings, right? Check, check, check. Therefore, this makes your company a Learning Organization, right? Unfortunately, no. Does your staff get to choose the professional development classes they participate in? Are there follow-up and cooperative learning […]

Strategy for Entering a New Government Market

Due to the immense scale and diverse scope of the federal Government, one person cannot possibly be an ‘expert’ on all things in the federal market, or even a specific federal market such as the Department of Defense (DoD). The DoD, like all federal departments and agencies, is made up of many smaller spending areas […]

Engaging Your Local Small Business Office and Other Resources

According to the US Army Office of Small Business Programs, the Army spent $17.4 billion with small businesses in FY13. With the very competitive federal market space it is even more important small businesses use every available resource. President Obama made this compelling statement, “Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and the cornerstones […]

A Leader Task: Selecting the Right Federal Business Opportunity

In 2013, the Federal Government spent just over $460 billion dollars on contracts for products and services across 65 different departments, agencies, and other Federal organizations.* So, where should you start your pursuit of Government business? Further complicating the answer to this question are thousands of contracts awarded for this dizzying sum were issued by […]