Monthly Archives: June 2014

Team Building & Energizers: Not Just for Kids Anymore!

Before joining Agility, I taught elementary school for ten years. Midway through my career I learned first-hand team building and energizing activities were instrumental in the success of our classroom. They allowed for us all to take a break from rigorous academics, have fun, and recharge our brains. All the while, building positive, productive relationships. […]

Communication with Industry

I have helped a lot of companies build and execute communication plans with the Government. This is a very important part of a company’s business development process, especially if the company is trying to enter a new market or building awareness of a new product. I have heard many questions and misinformed statements when considering […]

Perspective Matters

The process for developing winning proposals is an inherently friction laden exercise where sometimes personality and experience (both right and wrongly) significantly impacts the outcome. Color team reviews are often very contentious and writers can’t help but take red team comments personally… a hard thing to handle anytime, but especially so when the pressure of […]

Effective Call Plans

In the pursuit of Government business, many of our clients ask about how to conduct an effective and productive client call plan. After a decade and a half working in this field I have learned a few things from the school of ‘hard knocks’ and I’d like to reinforce what has worked for me over […]