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Happy Thanksgiving from Agility

We hope you and your loved ones have a fantastic holiday. We ask when giving thanks that you remember the tens of thousands of Americans who remain in harms way and are away from their families this holiday season. We are thankful for their service; without them we would not have many of the blessings […]

Should You Worry About Your Competition on Government Proposals?

If you have been following our company and reading our blogs, you know we support company’s in the Federal sector and with corporate strategic initiatives. As we go about working with Capture and Proposal Development teams, so often we see folks spend countless hours analyzing their competition on an upcoming solicitation. Capture Managers spend lots […]

Risk Management in DoD Proposal Development

I have been studying and managing risk for the better part of my career. I am by no means an ‘expert’ but based on my experience I often see where companies miss the mark describing how they will manage project or contract risk in proposals, or don’t truly understand how risk will be evaluated by […]